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Oil Gauging Tapes

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Lufkin 1290SF590N

25' (1/8ths) Atlas Nubian® Oil Gauging Tape

Lufkin 1293SM590N

Tape 15M Oil Gage Nubian

Lufkin 1293SF590N

Tape Oil Gaging Nubian 1/2"X50'

Lufkin CN1293SF590N

Tape Oil Gaging Chr/Nub1/2"X50

Lufkin CN1293SMEF59N

Tape Oil Gag 1/2"X50'/15M

Lufkin CN1294SF5871N

Tape F587 1/2 Dbl Duty

Lufkin CN1294SF590N

Tape Oil Gaging Chr/Nub1/2"X66

Lufkin CN1294SMEF59N

Tape Oil Gauging C/N 1/2"/13Mmx66'/20M

Lufkin CN1295SF590N

Tape Oil Gag 1/2"X75'

Lufkin CN1290SMEN

8m/26' (1/8ths) Atlas® SAE/Metric Dual Sided Chrome Clad®/Nubian® Double Duty Oil Gauging Tape

Lufkin CN129012SF5N

Tape F590 Dbl Duty Oil

Lufkin CN1290SF590N

Tape Oil Gaging Chr/Nub1/2"X25

Lufkin CN1291SF590N

Tape Oil Gaging Chr/Nub1/2"X33

Lufkin CN1293SDF590N

Tape Engr Gaging Chr/Nub1/2X50

Lufkin CN1293SF5871N

Tape Gaging Chr/Nub Out1/2"X50

Lufkin C129012SF

1/2" X 18' Atlas Chrome Clad Oil Gaging

Lufkin C1290SF590N

Tape Oil Gag Ch 1/2"X25' F590

Lufkin C1291SF590N

Tape Oil Gaging Chrome 1/2"X33'

Lufkin C1293SF590N

Tape Oil Gag Ch 1/2"X50' F590

Lufkin C1676DN

Tape Western Chr Clad

Lufkin C2276DN

Derrick Tape 100' Eng

Lufkin C2276MEN

Bandmass Derrick 1/4"/6X100/30

Lufkin C2730DMMN

Tape 30M Peerless Chromeeng Decimal Ft

Lufkin C2730MMEN

Tape 1/4" 6Mm X 100' 30M Peerless

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